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Under the same roof, for better and for worse

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Households with young children are experiencing both increased conflict and high levels of closeness during the pandemic.
Center for Translational Neuroscience at the University of Oregon
Publication Date: 
16 Jun 2020

Excerpted from the Key Findings

Our weekly nationally representative survey of households with young children shows an increase in family conflict across households with young children, compared to pre-pandemic levels.

We find that this increase is driven by different factors in lower-income compared to middle- to upper income families. Lower-income parents/caregivers report that financial supports would be most helpful for reducing family conflict, while middle/upper-income households report that having more social/emotional support and reducing isolation would be most helpful in reducing family conflict.

Despite increases in conflict, we find that rates of cohesion and affection felt by parents toward their children have remained high across all families.