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Illuminating the ‘care’ in early care and education: The pedagogy of child care

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Garboden Murray, Carol
Publication Date: 
5 May 2021
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Excerpts from Webinar description

Think about a day in the life of an early childhood teacher: Much of the day is wrapped up in caring rituals such as preparing and serving meals, helping children wash their hands and dress, and learning to rest and regulate themselves. Together with children, teachers navigate through a daily flow that involves all the elements of living and caring together. So, you might wonder why historically “care” has been subordinated to the educational aspects of our jobs and children’s day? This thought-provoking webinar, presented by Author and Early Childhood Nerd, Carol Garboden Murray will explore how we can rearrange the paradigm to name care as a pedagogy and practice to unite caring with educating. Join us to learn more about Carol’s unique perspective on how we can practice care as an intellectual exchange and a state-of-the-art emergent curriculum.

In this illuminating session you will learn:

  • Reflect upon the way care has historically been invisible, under valued and subordinate to academia.
  • Explore new ways to view care and name care as a pedagogy and practice that is central to early childhood learning.
  • Imagine how joining the care movement can strengthen your identity as an early childhood teacher and allow you see yourself as an everyday advocate by the way you model care in your teaching practice.