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The early childhood educators' well-being survey

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Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario
Publication Date: 
4 Jun 2021


This new survey is part of an international effort to capture the voices of early childhood educators and child care workers/providers and better understand how Covid has impacted their well-being. It presents a unique opportunity for your experiences to contribute to advancing the well-being of the workforce in Canada, and internationally. 

In Canada, the data will be used by researcher Dr Brooke Richardson (Brock University), in collaboration with the Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario, to inform community-based projects, presentations and ongoing work asserting the value of the profession and advocating for decent working conditions and professional wages. Data from this study will also be used to inform a larger national study of educator well-being in Australia, and possibly in comparisons with data from larger studies. In addition, data from the project may be reported in journal articles and/or other presentations.  

Please note, this survey takes 35-40 minutes to complete and must be completed in one sitting. 

The Early Childhood Educators’ Well-being Survey can be found here.

We are hosting a webinar about this international research project, why your participation is so important, and how your experiences will influence our advocacy and work: June 16th at 7pm: WEBINAR REGISTRATION