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Teacher turnover in early childhood education: Longitudinal evidence from the universe of publicly-funded programs in Louisiana

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Bellows, L., Bassok, D., & Markowitz, A. J.
Publication Date: 
24 Aug 2021
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Excerpted from Abstract

This paper provides a longitudinal examination of teacher turnover across all publicly-funded, center-based early childhood sites in Louisiana. We follow 4,465 early educators teaching in fall 2016 up to seven times through the fall of 2019. We provide the first statewide estimates of within-year turnover in ECE, as well as the first statewide study tracking turnover rates in ECE over multiple years. We find high within-year turnover: about 10% of teachers observed in the fall are not teaching the following spring. We also show that over 60% of fall 2016 teachers are no longer teaching at the same site in fall 2019. Turnover is particularly high among child care teachers, teachers of toddlers, and new teachers.