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VOTE for every child 2021: Social media toolkit and campaign

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Make your vote count #VoteForEveryChild
Fact sheet
Publication Date: 
1 Aug 2021
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Excerpted from social media tool kit 

Make your vote count #VoteForEveryChild

COVID-19 and the widespread public health measures that accompanied it have had a significant impact on children and youth. The decisions we make now will determine their future. That makes this federal election more important than ever. Canada’s eight million children and youth — almost 20% of the population — and millions of children worldwide will not get a vote in this election, but their futures are on the ballot.

We’re calling on you to use your social media platforms to amplify the voices of children and youth and the issues they face in your community. By including the hashtag #VoteForEveryChild in all your social media posts concerning child and youth issues during the election, you will reach an audience of like-minded individuals and organizations – and you will inspire others to take up the cause. When composing your message, consider combining #VoteForEveryChild with other popular or trending hashtags to multiply impact. Some of the other hashtags that will be relevant throughout the election include #elxn44, #canadavotes, and #cdnpoli.

And don’t forget, your social media posts have much more impact when you include a visual asset. Consider using our stickers or one of our sample graphics to bring your tweet to life.

You can download stickers and images like the one above using this link.

Examples of social media messaging

  1. I want a Prime Minister who prioritizes children & youth @erinotoole / @TheJagmeetSingh / @JustinTrudeau / @AnnamiePaul / @yfblanchet Let’s ensure the issues affecting young people are on the federal election agenda! Make your vote count. #VoteForEveryChild #elxn44 #cdnpoli
  2. Canada has 8 million children & youth. They don’t get a vote, but their futures are on the ballot. @erinotoole, @TheJagmeetSingh, @JustinTrudeau, @AnnamiePaul, @yfblanchet if elected, what are your plans for improving child & youth well-being? #VoteForEveryChild #elxn44 #cdnpoli
  3. #DYK 20% of Canada’s population does not have the right to vote? Children and youth are relying on us to keep their current & future needs top of mind when we head to the ballot box. Make your vote count. #VoteForEveryChild #elxn44 #cdnpoli
  4. Children and youth have faced major upheaval throughout #COVID19. It’s time to take their needs seriously. It’s time to make them a policy priority. Make your vote count. #VoteForEveryChild #elxn44 #cdnpoli
  5. You can make a difference by telling your member of Parliament that children and youth deserve to be a priority. Help bring the voices of Canada’s 8 million children & youth to the ballot box: Make your vote count. #VoteForEveryChild #elxn44 #cdnpoli
  6. Children and youth need to be a priority. I’m writing to my member of Parliament to ensure that Canada’s 8 million children & youth have a say in their future. You can too: Make your vote count. #VoteForEveryChild #elxn44 #cdnpoli