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Walking together in reconciliation

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Association of Early Childhood Educators of Ontario
Publication Date: 
1 Jan 2020

Excerpted from Introduction

Since 2016, the AECEO Guiding Committee on Truth and Reconciliation has been engaging in important discussions about early childhood education and reconciliation. While we consider the question “what can leaders and educators in the ECE sector do to respond to the TRC Calls to Action?” We want to remind you that reconciliation is the responsibility of all Canadians. We must walk together in response to the TRC Calls for Action.

All educators and systems serving Indigenous children have been called on to ethically, critically, and thoughtfully engage with reconciliation practices as defined by Indigenous communities. Finding and joining collaboration is a crucial first step but creating space for Indigenous leadership and self-determination in the early childhood sector is the key to walking together in reconciliation.

The AECEO Guiding Committee hopes to publish content in every issue of the eceLINK publication. For this issue, we pose a series of questions and our hope is that all AECEO members and readers of the eceLINK will reflect on these questions individually and together with children, families and colleagues. Members of the Guiding Committee have contributed their own reflections.

What can leaders and educators in the ECE sector do to respond to the TRC Calls to Action? Where are the opportunities to share knowledge and learn? Where are the opportunities to engage in dialogue with Indigenous Peoples? Where can we learn about Indigenous protocols? How do we create culturally safe spaces and develop cultural competence? How do we make space for Indigenous leadership in our organization and in the sector?