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A situational analysis of municipal early childhood education policy documents

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Cullen, M.
Publication Date: 
26 Sep 2019

Excerpted from abstract

Studies have been conducted at the provincial and federal levels that expose dominant discourses in child care policy documents and reports. However, there has not been a similar examination of documents at the municipal level. This study uses a qualitative situational analysis to investigate discourses that are present in municipal documents of a mid-size Ontario city as they pertain to the child care sector. Drawing on Foucault’s concept of discourse, this study interrogates the discursive functions that dominant ideas might have on policies that inform funding, programming, and subsidies. Through a cartographic exercise of map making, this study reveals and interrogates discourses present in these policies. Three major themes emerge and act to maintain power relations and the self-governance of subjects through compliance. Relatedly, the study also shows how children’s and educators’ voices are missing from policy in any meaningful way and highlights whose voices are heard