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One year later: Follow up results from a survey on COVID-19 and child care in Canada

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Vickerson, R., Friendly, M., Forer, B., Mohamed, S. S., & Nguyen, T.
Publication Date: 
19 Jan 2022

This report presents data from a follow-up survey of licensed child care centres and regulated family child care providers across Canada about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Conducted in May of 2021, the survey included questions on enrollment, operations, finances, government financial supports received, cases of COVID-19, the vaccination status of staff and challenges. The respondents were drawn from a larger group surveyed on similar issues a year earlier in the late spring of 2020 during the pandemic’s first wave. The data presented here are primarily based on the 2021 follow up survey with data from the 2020 survey presented for comparison between the two points in time during the COVID-19 pandemic.