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The perceived value of a universal early learning program: A parent perspective

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McIsaac, J. D., Smith, M. E., Turner, J., McLean, C., &, Harkin, M. J.
Publication Date: 
12 Jan 2022

Excerpts from abstract

Pan-Canadian efforts to support universal access to quality early childhood education and care (ECEC) for families are underway. Focusing on a universally available ECEC program in Nova Scotia, this study explored the impact of the perceived value of this publicly funded ECEC program on parental decisions for enrollment. A thematic analysis of data from focus groups and interviews (n = 42 families represented) from two separate, but related studies, revealed themes (Ease of access, Communication, Supporting familiarity with school and Early learning) which provide insight on the value that parents place on a universal ECEC program and may help to inform other jurisdictions.