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Characteristics of home-based child care providers who offer non-standard hour care

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Tang, J., Lewis, S., Cutler, L., Hallam, R., Collier, Z.
Publication Date: 
9 Jan 2021

Excerpted from article

This study identifies characteristics of home-based child care providers in the US who offer non-standard hours care. The paper notes that home-based child care (HBCC) providers are the largest caregiving group serving children under age 6 during non-standard hours. Through secondary data analysis of the 2012 National Survey of Early Care and Education, results indicate that providers who offer HBCC during non-standard hours are more likely to receive government subsidies, have lower educational levels, and serve fewer children. The study also suggests that providers who receive home visitors and/or coaching tend to provide more hours of non-standard hour care. The author suggests the importance of using multiple policy approaches (such as training, professional development, and access to enhanced subsidies) to better support listed HBCC providers who provide care during non-standard hours.