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Manitoba ELCC COVID reporting survey

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Weekly tracking ELCC cohort & facility closures in Manitoba
Dr. Aleeza Gerstein, Dr. Lauren Kelly, Dr. Alicia Nijdam-Jones, Dr. Susan Prentice, Dr. Jennifer Protudjer, & Dr. Souradet Shaw
Publication Date: 
2 Feb 2022


The data we are collecting is critical to tracking the spread of COVID-19 in ELCC facilities and in the province of Manitoba. We are **very** sensitive that everyone is overwhelmed. Please, if you even have four minutes to tell us how many staff are in your facility, how many staff are currently positive, and how many staff are currently isolating this information is extremely valuable.

The Government of Manitoba is not currently tracking COVID-19 cases or cohort or facility closures in ELCC. We are asking facilities to report the current state of COVID infections in Manitoba's childcare facilities to better understand how many staff and children are isolating due to illness or close contact, and to track temporary facility and cohort closures.

We will use this information to advocate for additional resources for Manitoba childcare facilities with the goal of creating the safest environments possible for staff and kids.

Who is tracking cases?
We are a team of professors from the University of Manitoba. Information about us, the previous work we have done in this space, and updated analyses can be found here:

We have decided to keep collecting data through the omicron wave.

***We ask interested facilities to fill out this survey each week between Tuesday and Thursday. To try and avoid duplicate entries please assign one person from a facility to fill it out***.

Results will be posted on our website and on social media on Fridays.

Questions about this initiative and/or the resulting data can be sent to Dr. Aleeza Gerstein,