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Principles for delivering a high quality, inclusive and accessible Public Childcare Model

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Community Platform
Publication Date: 
10 Nov 2021

Excerpted from report

The Irish based Community Platform organization launched their report featuring six principles for or delivering a high quality, inclusive and accessible public childcare. The Community Platform, suggests that lessons from the past, reinforced by the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrate the important role of the state in providing key public services and in ensuring universal access, like childcare. The Community Platform believes that the progressive delivery of a high quality, inclusive and accessible public childcare model is urgently needed in Ireland and that a properly designed and delivered public childcare model can play an important role in addressing child poverty and disadvantage. The organization suggests six principles for a public childcare model are: 1) child focused and centered, 2) state responsibility. 3) adequate investment, 4) quality, inclusion and accessibility, 5) equality, and 6) decent working conditions for staff working in child care.