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A research agenda for home-based child care

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Del Grosso, P., Bromer, J., Porter, T., Jones, C., Li, A., Atkins-Burnett, S., Aikens, N
Publication Date: 
1 Nov 2021

Excerpted from report: 

The goal of this equity focused research agenda is to understand and assess the conditions and systems that affect home based child care (HBCC) and how HBCC providers’ practices and experiences influence outcomes for children and families in their care. This research agenda is intended to: 1) assist agencies and stakeholders in deepening their understanding of HBCC accessibility and quality, 2) identify and fill gaps in knowledge and data related to HBCC quality and systems, 3) propose study designs to inform HBCC policy and practice; and 4) set the stage for the project’s next steps.