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Child care: The foundation of a just future for all with Martha Friendly

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Our power: Creating a just future for all
Friendly, M., & Lafortune, B.
Publication Date: 
7 Apr 2022

Excerpted from introduction

Child care advocates celebrated a historic victory in 2021 as the federal government rolled out an ambitious plan for universal child care across the country. If applied well, this new funding could be a game-changer for families, for women’s equality, and the foundation of a just future for all Canadians.

While affordability is a critical piece in the puzzle for a child care and early education system that works for the many not just the few, we also need that system to be high-quality and accessible to all who need it.

How did we get to this moment after decades of advocacy? Are there threats to building this system? What do we need to do now?

In partnership with Child Care Now Alberta, we welcome world-renowned child care advocate and policy researcher Martha Friendly as we explore what's next -- how to move from what we've won to ensuring the child care system we build is part of creating a just future for all.

Thank you to CSU 52 for their generous support of our 2022 Conference Speaker Series.