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Early childhood care and education and equality of opportunity: Theoretical and empirical perspectives on social challenges

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Burger, K
Book / booklet
Publication Date: 
11 Jan 2013

About this book

Early childhood care and education has become a key issue in social science as well as in politics. In many countries, different actors increasingly use early childhood programs to tackle a variety of societal challenges. The studies collected in this book contribute theoretical and empirical dimensions to a body of research that has neglected a number of questions to date. They analyze (1) the effects of early childhood care and education on the development of children from different social backgrounds, (2) sociocultural disparities in the use of childcare services, (3) the history of childcare in France and the United States of America since the creation of the first formal daycare facilities, and (4) the interplay of desire for linguistic proficiency, acquisition of language, and educational processes in early childhood (this study is published in German). By examining different phenomena using various methodologies, these studies add pedagogical, sociological, and historical perspectives to the scholarly discourse on early childhood care and education.