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Research snapshot: Gender, affordable housing, and the “poverty gap” in Canada

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Milaney, K., Bell, M., Ramage, K., Screpnechuck, C., & Petruik, C.
Publication Date: 
18 Aug 2022


What this research is about

Stable, affordable housing is one of the most important factors affecting family and community health. Without it, the chances of improving employment, education, or income are much more difficult. Affordable housing includes permanent, temporary, rental, and co-operative housing. Housing in Canada is considered "affordable" if it costs less than 30% of household's before-tax income. 

Demand for affordable housing is high and waiting lists are long. Many families cannot afford to purchase a home, making rental units very important. Previous studies show that a large percentage of families in affordable housing is single mothers, but women's perspective are often missing from the research. This study examines the experiences of people living in affordable housing in Calgary, Alberta to determine if and how gender influences their experiences and outcomes.