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Supporting working parents: Solutions to childcare barriers in the skilled trades

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Build Together - Women of the Building Trades of Alberta
Publication Date: 
2 Aug 2022

Excerpted from introduction: 

The Building Trades of Alberta, with Build Together – Women of the Building Trades of Alberta, have developed a multifaceted plan to help alleviate some of the obstacles tradespeople face when trying to secure accessible, affordable and high-quality childcare.

This matters to parents, industry and economy. If parents don’t have accessible childcare, they can’t go to work, and our entire economy suffers. In order for us to truly fill the looming trades labour gap and sustain a skilled, dedicated and talented workforce, we need to re-think the way operate and ensure that everyone, no matter their family status, can participate in the skilled trades.

There are solutions we can work toward, and that means giving flexibility when it’s required, supporting parents by recognizing the importance of childcare, and lobbying for more affordable and accessible childcare facilities. It will take the dedication and commitment from all levels of government, unions and the entire industry to see these changes through. But we can do it!