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Don’t leave child care in a desert: says CUPE Saskatchewan

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Publication Date: 
25 May 2023


A backgrounder prepared by CUPE reports that most child care workers have few, if any, benefits. Non-salaried benefits, including group health benefits to cover prescriptions, dental, and vision care, decent pension plans, paid sick leave and paid vacations beyond the minimum statutory requirement, are critical to recruiting and retaining child care staff.


“Child care centres need access to additional funds to cover costs that aren’t covered by the federal funding. We need comprehensive funding to attract and train new workers, while improving working conditions and compensation to keep workers in the field,” said Henley. “CUPE urges the Sask. Party government to reinstate their annual CBO funding increase to regulated child care centres to provide them with more flexibility to address operating costs and the salaries of both certified and non-certified staff.”