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Quality of life/ Military family services: CF child care status update 2013

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Military Family Service Program
Publication Date: 
1 Jan 2013


Executive Summary 

Across Canada there are increasing demands for limited child care spaces resulting in lengthy waiting lists, both in terms of time and numbers.  Although this is a systemic shortage applicable to all Canadians, securing child care is further exacerbated for CF personnel because of increased operational tempo, frequent postings, deployments and absences for military taskings.  Living at a distance from extended family often compounds the problem of child care, as familial child care is not an option as it is for many Canadians.  And child care that is available is geared to the typical 8 hour work day, not responsive to immediate/ emergency taskings, relocations, and the nontraditional work day.  The provision of military child care has been shown to assist in increasing operational readiness and productivity by reducing the incidence of child care related absences from work.  Some military members have also indicated that child care issues may lead them to leave the military.