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Shaping our economic future: Canadian priorities

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House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance
government document
Publication Date: 
26 Feb 2024



In June 2023, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance (the Committee) launched its annual pre-budget consultations by inviting Canadians to submit written briefs to share their priorities for the 2024 budget. The Committee then held pre-budget hearings in the fall between 21 September 2023 and 17 November 2023. While some of these hearings were held in Ottawa, the Committee had the opportunity to travel across the country for the first time since 2018 to hear from a wider range of Canadians. As part of these hearings, the Committee also held “open mic” sessions, which allowed even more Canadians to participate in the budgetary process. As well, the Committee invited other standing committees of the House of Commons to hold meetings and provide recommendations for the pre-budget consultations within their respective subject matter expertise.

Following these presentations from nearly 170 groups and individuals, and after having received over 850 written briefs, the largest number ever received for that process, the Committee presents a report on its priorities in advance of the 2024 federal budget.


Children, Families and Social Policy

With regard to children and families, witnesses highlighted to the Committee the importance of investing in Indigenous youth. The Committee also heard proposals about Canada’s food policy, day care services, including the national childcare program, and tax relief for child care costs. In terms of social policy, witnesses discussed income assistance and income support programs, including safeguards for certain tax credits. Other witnesses proposed implementing a guaranteed basic income program. Lastly, discussions touched on the Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy and funding for charitable organizations.


Recommendation 177

Expand non‐profit and publicly owned early learning and childcare with more funding to the Early Learning and Child Care Infrastructure Fund.