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Transforming the early learning and child care system

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NS Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
government document
Publication Date: 
1 Jan 2024



  • Our Plan 
  • Background 
  • Key Focus Areas
  • Resources

Our Plan

The Government of Nova Scotia is transforming early learning and child care. Our work has four focus areas:

  • Access
  • Affordability
  • Inclusion
  • Quality


In 2021, Nova Scotia signed the five-year Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement (CWELCCA) in partnership with the federal government. By March 31, 2026, child care fees will be $10 per day on average, there will be 9,500 new child care spaces, families with unique needs will see improvements, and those working in child care will be better compensated with greater access to career opportunities.

Our work is already making things better for families. Since July of 2021, we have accomplished many goals, including:

  • Reducing child care fees in licensed child care by an average of 50 per cent
  • Opening more than 3,000 new spaces in licensed and provincially funded child care centres and family homes, and in the Nova Scotia Before-and After School program
  • Piloting flexible child care hours
  • Increasing wages for early childhood educators working in licensed child care
  • Announcing a high-quality pension and group benefits package for employees working in licensed child care