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Wage supplements improve early educators’ financial well-being

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Reflections on the DC Early Childhood Educator Pay Equity Fund
Mefferd, E., Doromal, J.B., Sandstrom, H., Greenberg, E., Jimenez Parra, L., Nelson, V., & Nikolopoulos, E.
Fact sheet
Publication Date: 
5 Feb 2024


This fact sheet shares 2023 survey and focus group findings from early educators eligible for direct wage supplements from the Early Childhood Educator Pay Equity Fund in the District of Columbia. Findings describe early educators’ reflections on the first year of program implementation. Early educators report low wages and high financial and food insecurity and share how the Pay Equity Fund is improving their financial well-being. Early educators describe how the Pay Equity Fund helps them afford basic needs such as housing, utilities, and food, and allows them to pay off debts and build savings.