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The high costs of caring: Measuring the prevalence and consequences of birth-related career interruptions for immigrant care workers in Canada

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Lightman, N.
Publication Date: 
22 Jan 2024


This article examines the prevalence and consequences of taking time out of the labour market after the birth of a child for immigrant care workers in Canada. Analyses were done primarily using data from the 2009–2018 Longitudinal Immigration Database (IMDB), comparing immigrants who entered Canada through the Live-in Caregiver Program/Caregiver Program (LCP/CP) with those who came through economic or family reunification streams. Results demonstrate that LCP/CP immigrant women were most likely to have had a birth-related career interruption during this time period and were far more likely to have lower income after such a career interruption than before, notwithstanding ongoing shortages in the care sector. The article concludes with a discussion of potential federal policy changes to address existing disparities.