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Early learning and child care strategic action plan for inclusion and equity 2023-2026

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Nunavut Department of Education's Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) division
Publication Date: 
6 Nov 2023

Executive Summary

The Early Learning and Child Care Strategic Action Plan for Inclusion and Equity is part of the Canada-wide Canada-Nunavut Early Learning and Child Care Agreement and connects to actions in the Government of Nunavut’s Katujjiluta Mandate that support inclusive early learning and transformation  of the child care sector.

The purpose of the Strategic Action Plan is to provide guidance and direction on inclusion and equity to all early learning and child care stakeholders in Nunavut for three years from 2023-2026. Its scope includes enhancing inclusion and equity for children with disabilities, children needing enhanced or individual supports, Indigenous – in particular Inuit – children, Black and other racialized children, children in foster care, and official language minority children. This Strategic Action Plan also aims to ensure that vulnerable children and children from diverse backgrounds have access to licensed child care spaces. To achieve this, the Government of Nunavut is committed to work together with all partners and stakeholders, while also taking a leadership role in its sphere of responsibility.

The principles of the strategic action plan are that it:

  • is inherently hopeful and connects Nunavummiut with a positive future vision for children
  • is simple, clear, and helpful and uses language  that is inclusive and speaks to positive change
  • is based on Inuit worldview and Inuit  policy documents
  • recommends actions that are concrete and achievable, have short term time horizons, and  have resources and accountability attached.

Six integrated strategic focus areas, within three broad categories of action, guide the proposed actions:

Improve the early learning and child care physical environment

1. Increase materials, equipment, supports, and program planning

2. Improve early learning and child care buildings and transportation

Support early learning and child care providers

3. Increase learning and training for early learning and child care providers

4. Improve employment conditions

Redesign early learning and child care systems

5. Change early learning and child care-related policies

6. Transform the early learning and child care system