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Municipal child care: Lighthouses for CWELCC?

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Mahon, R.
Publication Date: 
4 Apr 2024


Rianne Mahon from Carleton University delivered this presentation at the Reimagining Care/Work Policies symposium entitled "Who owns child care? Who should own child care?" in Winnipeg on April 4, 2024. Dr. Mahon reviews current municipal involvement in Canadian child care provision and shares examples that range from concerning to interesting to innovative. She argues that municipal child care can play an important role in achieving expansion of affordable, quality child care across Canada. Though it is unlikely to become the dominant type of provision, municipal child care centres can function as  "lighthouses," providing a guiding beacon of light for the sector and learning opportunities for provinces and territories. Dr. Mahon shares examples of where this is already occurring, and illustrates how provinces can facilitate or impede this outcome.