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Online Document Catalogue: Research, policy and practice

Research, policy and practice materials include scholarly research, policy studies, briefs, government, advocacy and NGO reports. This list is sorted by most recently added entries to the Catalogue, to the oldest.

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Thériault, L., Canadian Review of Social Policy,  26 Jun 2006 Canada
Century Initiative, Century Initiative,  10 Jun 2024 Canada
Rankin, P., Staton, S., Jones, A., Potia, A. H., Houen, S., Healey, B., & Thorpe, K., The Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO),  20 Jun 2024 Australia and New Zealand
Whitebook, M., Haack, P., & Vardell, R., Center for the Study of Child Care Employment,  1 May 2024 United States
Bisanz, J., Ip, P. L., Martin, M., Lees, L., & Smith C., Edmonton Council for Early Learning and Care,  1 Apr 2024 Alberta
Martin, M., Ip, P. L., Bisanz, J., Lees, L., & Smith, C., Edmonton Council for Early Learning and Care,  1 Jun 2024 Alberta
Smith, A., Huppatz, K., & Itaoui, R., The Conversation,  2 Jul 2024 Australia and New Zealand
Montpetit, S., Beauregard, P-L., & Carrer, L., 1 Apr 2024 Quebec
UNESCO & United Nations Children's Fund, UNESCO,  1 Jan 2024 International
Stienon, A., & Boteach, M. , Open Markets,  1 Jun 2024 United States
Havet, N., Lacroix, G., & Plantier, M., Journal of Policy Analysis and Management,  19 Feb 2024 Quebec
UNICEF Canada, UNICEF Canada,  1 Feb 2024 Canada
Centre for Policy Development, Centre for Policy Development,  12 Jun 2024 Australia and New Zealand
SNAICC – National Voice for our Children, SNAICC – National Voice for our Children,  1 May 2024 Australia and New Zealand
Office for National Statistics, Government of the United Kingdom,  4 Jun 2024 Europe
Fox, T., Telling Stories with Data,  25 Jan 2024 Ontario
Todres, J., Uraban, M., Acevedo-Garcia, D., Acosta, A., Adamson, B., Adriany, V., Alston, P., Anand, P. K., Angarita, M. M., Barnett, W. S., Beiter, K. D., Bloch, M. N., ... Yoshikawa, H., Human Rights Watch,  5 Jun 2024 International
Statham, R., & Wilkes, M., Institute for Public Policy Research,  1 May 2024 Europe
Gale, R., & Kirsch, D., Early Learning Nation,  1 May 2024 United States
Atwal, A., Underwood, K., Moreno Angarita, M., Wertlieb, D., Kissi, E. F., & Emmanuel, S., Revue de l'Université de Moncton,  12 Feb 2024 Canada
Public Health Agency of Canada, Government of Canada,  1 Jun 2022 Canada