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Research, policy and practice materials include scholarly research, policy studies, briefs, government, advocacy and NGO reports. This list is sorted by most recently added entries to the Catalogue, to the oldest.

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Ontario Minister of Education, Government of Ontario,  16 Feb 2023 Ontario
Campaign 2000, Campaign 2000,  14 Feb 2023 Canada
Hurley, Kendra, The Atlantic,  5 Jan 2023 United States
Elliot Haspel, The Atlantic,  23 Jan 2023 United States
Luna, K. C., Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW-ICREF),  1 Apr 2021 Canada
Cassella, Carly, Science Alert,  12 Dec 2022 International
Arkell, Emma, Chatelaine,  9 Jan 2023 British Columbia
Peters, Kaitlin, Policy Options,  9 Jan 2023 Canada
Griffin, Alison, Forbes,  21 Nov 2022 United States
Margaria, Alice, Oxford University,  17 Nov 2022 Europe
Ewald, Alina, Western Sydney University,  1 Jan 2022 Australia and New Zealand
Willetts Klapperich, Alexandra, University of Minnesota,  1 May 2022 United States
Lucas, Freya, The Sector,  24 Nov 2022 Australia and New Zealand
Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Government of New Brunswick,  31 Oct 2022 New Brunswick
Ministry of Education and Child Care, Government of British Columbia,  28 Nov 2022 British Columbia
Employment and Social Development Canada, Government of Canada,  25 Nov 2022 Canada
Woodman, L. A., University of Alberta,  1 May 2022 Alberta
Cleveland, G., Child Care Policy,  23 Nov 2022 Australia and New Zealand
Greenwood, Margo, Education Resources Information Center,  1 Jul 2001 Canada
Henderson, Emily, News Medical,  17 Nov 2022 International
Child Care Aware of America, Child Care Aware of America,  1 Nov 2022 United States
Lucas, Freya, The Sector,  15 Nov 2022 Australia and New Zealand
Ho, U. T.; Lepage, B. & Fang, W.-T., Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education,  1 Oct 2022 Asia
Center for the Study of Child Care Employment, Center for the Study of Child Care Employment,  2 Nov 2022 United States