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Online Document Catalogue: Research, policy and practice

Research, policy and practice materials include scholarly research, policy studies, briefs, government, advocacy and NGO reports. This list is sorted by most recently added entries to the Catalogue, to the oldest.

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De-Freitas, A., Ville, L., & Azad, Z., The Fawcett Society,  15 Apr 2024 Europe
Lloyd, E., Reimagining Care/Work Policies,  4 Apr 2024 Europe
Haspel, E., Early Learning Nation,  5 Mar 2024 United States
Nunavut Department of Education's Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) division, Government of Nunavut,  6 Nov 2023 Nunavut
Jimmy Pratt Foundation, Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour, & Workers’ Action Network of Newfoundland and Labrador, Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Labour,  28 Mar 2024 Newfoundland
Blumenberg, E., Wander, M., & Yao, Z. , Journal of Transport Geography,  27 Nov 2023 United States
Löffler, V. , SOEPpapers on Multidisciplinary Panel Data Research,  1 Jan 2024 Europe
Mayol Lassalle, M., & Urban, M., Education International,  20 Mar 2024 International
Byrne, C., Mayol Lassalle, M., Semmoloni, C., & Urban, M., Education International,  20 Mar 2024 International
Pacini-Ketchabaw, V. & Kummen, K., Early Childhood Pedagogy Network,  15 Mar 2024 Canada
Haspel, E., The Atlantic,  20 Mar 2024 United States
Watson, S., Metz, R., & Belfield, C., Under 3 DC,  13 Mar 2024 United States
Büchau, S., Philipp, M-F., Schober, P.S., & Spiess, C. K., Journal of European Social Policy,  8 Dec 2023 Europe
McInnes, E., Whitington, V., Neill, B., & Farndale, A., Early Childhood Education Journal,  6 Feb 2024 Australia and New Zealand
Côté-Boucher, K. & Braedley, S., Critical Social Policy,  4 Jan 2024 Canada
Cleveland, G.,,  1 Jan 2007 Canada
World Bank Group, The World Bank,  4 Mar 2024 International
Haspel, E., New America,  22 Feb 2024 United States