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Online Document Catalogue: Research, policy and practice

Research, policy and practice materials include scholarly research, policy studies, briefs, government, advocacy and NGO reports. This list is sorted by most recently added entries to the Catalogue, to the oldest.

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Prentice, S., Pasolli, L., Policy Options,  11 Feb 2022 Ontario
Doucet, Andrea & de Laat, Kim, Policy Options,  9 Feb 2022 Canada
L''Italien, M. , University of Regina,  9 Feb 2022 Saskatchewan
Cleveland, G., Research Roundtable on Care Work in the Recovery Economy - Centre for Gender and the Economy, University of Toronto,  20 Feb 2022 Alberta
The Honourable Janet Austin, Legislative Assembly of British Columbia,  8 Feb 2022 British Columbia
Early Childhood Educators of BC,  8 Feb 2022 British Columbia
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Early Childhood Pedagogy Network, Early Childhood Pedagogy Network,  8 Feb 2022 British Columbia
Tang, J., Lewis, S., Cutler, L., Hallam, R., Collier, Z., Early Childhood Research Quarterly,  9 Jan 2021 United States
Community Platform, Community Platform ,  10 Nov 2021 Europe
Sioui, Marie-Michèle, Le Devoir,  29 Jan 2022 Quebec
World Economic Forum,  1 Mar 2021 International
Dr. Aleeza Gerstein, Dr. Lauren Kelly, Dr. Alicia Nijdam-Jones, Dr. Susan Prentice, Dr. Jennifer Protudjer, & Dr. Souradet Shaw, University of Manitoba,  2 Feb 2022 Manitoba
Simon, A; Penn, H; Shah, A; Owen, C; Lloyd, E; Hollingworth, K; Quy, K;, University College London - Social Research Institute,  27 Jan 2022 Europe
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Coalition of Child Care Advocates BC & Early Childhood Educators of BC, $10-a-Day,  19 Jan 2022 British Columbia
McLean, C. & McIsaac, J.L., The Conversation,  25 Jan 2022 Nova Scotia
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Souto-Manning, M., & Melvin, S. A., Early Childhood Research Quarterly,  21 Jan 2022 United States
Government of Canada & Government of Nunavut, CPAC,  24 Jan 2022 Nunavut