The state of the national child care program and provincial/territorial contexts, March 2006

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Martha Friendly and Carolyn Ferns
28 Feb 2006


This BRIEFing NOTE provides an update of the current state of the national child care program in Canada. It features a short introduction to recent developments in ELCC, from the 2004 election campaign to March 2006. It includes a table summarizing selected features of provincial/territorial contexts, including:

  • working force participation of mothers;
  • percent of children for whom there is a regulated space;
  • provincial/territorial child care budgets and allocation per space and per child;
  • whether the province/ territory signed a bilateral agreement with the federal government and the amount of expected funding.

Finally, this BRIEFing NOTE features media quotes from provincial officials that provide a picture of where individual provincial governments stand on the current state of the national child care program.

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