Characteristics of unregulated child care by province/territory

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Childcare Resource and Research Unit
28 Nov 2013


All provinces/territories permit unregulated child care outside the child's home up to a maximum number of children; unregulated care arrangements are legal and permitted so long as they don't exceed the maximum number of children. The legal number of children allowed in unregulated child care is specified in provincial/territorial legislation, regulation or guidelines. Some jurisdictions have additional age specifications and several allow some unregulated group (centre) programs under some circumstances, for example for a limited number of hours a day.

There are no health, safety or training requirements or provision for public oversight in unregulated care; any attention by local or provincial public officials is on a complaint basis. That is, even if unregulated child care is legal, there are neither requirements for even basic health and safety nor any public monitoring unless a complaint is made. Unregulated child care may or may not be in a family child care provider's home but there are no specifications for facility or buildings. As well, there are no provincial/territorial specifications or guidelines for unregulated child care provided in a child's own home by a nanny or sitter

This BRIEFing NOTE provides an overview of provincial/territorial guidelines for unregulated child care outside the child's home.

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