Early childhood education and care in Canada 2016

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Cover of 'Early childhood education and care in Canada 2016'
Martha Friendly, Elise Larsen, Laura Feltham, Bethany Grady, Barry Forer, Michelle Jones
29 Apr 2018
11th Edition
ISBN 978-1-896051-65-9

Available for download in pdf format

ECEC in Canada 2016 full publication (Revised 25/8/2018). Publication sections available for download below.

Key findings

ECEC in Canada 2016: Key Findings (Revised 31/5/2018, 3pp) 

ECEC in Canada 2016: Les faits saillants du rapport (Revised 31/5/2018, 4pp)

The Childcare Resource and Research Unit's (CRRU) new report Early childhood education and care in Canada 2016 is its 11th compilation of Canada-wide data on child care and related early childhood and family programs. It considers child care space provision, budget allocations, and service delivery information in the 2014-2016 period, comparing these to previous years. The report provides detailed provincial/territorial descriptive information on kindergarten and child care programs (such as teacher/educator training, ratios, group/class size, pedagogy and governance) as well as pertinent demographic data such as the number of children and mothers' employment rates. It also offers a Canada-wide overview of how ECEC services are organized, the federal role, Indigenous ECEC services, information on maternity and parental leave and new developments through 2017. The report is primarily based on administrative data provided by provincial/territorial ECEC officials but also includes data from Statistics Canada and other current data and research. 

CRRU's ECEC in Canada reports have been published about every two years since 1992. The series of reports allows both cross-Canada and longitudinal tracking of ECEC programs and policy using a consistent approach that ensures data are as comparable as possible. 

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