The state of data on early childhood education and care in Canada: National Data Project final report

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Gordon Cleveland, Susan Colley, Martha Friendly and Donna S. Lero
14 Jul 2003



Executive summary

SECTION I Introduction
SECTION II Analyzing Canada's need for ECEC data, TABLE 1 Proposed indicators
SECTION III An overview of ECEC data: Canada and other countries
SECTION IV Administrative ECEC data currently collected by provinces/territories, TABLE 2 Child care data currently collected, 2000, TABLE 3 Kindergarten data currently collected
SECTION V Conclusions and recommendations.


APPENDIX A Provincial/territorial data methods survey questionnaire
APPENDIX B Provincial/territorial kindergarten questionnaire
APPENDIX C Details of provincial/territorial child care data technology (2000-2001)
APPENDIX D Details of provincial/territorial child care enrollment data methods
APPENDIX E Details of provincial/territorial child care data on duration of service
APPENDIX F Details of provincial/territorial data collected about family child care
APPENDIX G Details of data on provincial/territorial child care funding
APPENDIX H Notes from provincial/territorial child care data collection survey
APPENDIX I Locating data sources identified in section III (websites)

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