NAVIGATING YOUR CAREER FOR SUCCESS: A roadmap for professionals

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4 May 2012 - 8:30am to 5 May 2012 - 4:30pm
Ryerson University Campus
2 sites (see below for details)
Toronto , ON
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416-487-3157 ext. 22
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This Toronto Conference will address the importance of professionalizing the field as a means of helping ECEs take on the rapidly changing landscape. The workshops and full-day institutes all have this common thread running through them. The ECE professional will take away lessons on the value of pedagogical leadership, self-regulation, bridging ECE skills, building resources, and most importantly the confidence to manage their own career.

Day One will offer two all-day institutes. The first institute will take a look at Ontario's new early learning framework both from a theoretical and a practical perspective. The second institute will offer valuable resources and tools to assist professionals in their career objectives

Day Two will offer workshops focusing on Training, Employment, Professionalization, Policy/Research, and Leadership and Team building.

We have gathered a strong and knowledgeable team of experts from the early learning, human resources, and training sector, to name just a few, to bring you the most current information and practices available. These resources and tools will give you the road map you need to make important decisions around next steps in your career.


Our Toronto conference will be held at the School of Early Childhood Education, Ryerson University
and George Brown College, School of Early Childhood Education, Ryerson Campus.

The conference site is located within the Ryerson Campus at Yonge & Dundas in the heart of
downtown Toronto. This area offers a wide variety of entertainment and shopping including Toronto
Eaton Centre right across the street!

Day 1 School of Early Childhood Education, Ryerson University
350 Victoria St., Toronto, ON M5B 2K3

Day 2 George Brown College School of Early Childhood Education
Ryerson Campus, 99 Gerrard St. E., Toronto, ON M5T 2T9