Symposium: Toward a global social protection floor

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25 Apr 2013 - 9:17am to 26 Apr 2013 - 9:17am
Balsillie School of International Affairs
67 Erb Street West
Waterloo , ON



The Global Social Governance Field Group at the Balsillie School of International Affairs in Waterloo, Ontario, is pleased to present, " Toward a Global Social Protection Floor," a Symposium being held at BSIA on April 24-26, 2013.

The Symposium brings together distinguished scholars from a variety of disciplines and regions of the world, as well as international policy intellectuals to discuss this ambitious initiative. It presents an opportunity to hear from prominent thinkers about the possibilities, the implications, and the challenges of constructing a new global governance architecture to implement such an initiative and to ensure its success.

The aim is to stimulate interdisciplinary research and the development of a network linking Canadian and foreign researchers interested in this initiative in particular, and global social governance in general.The Symposium opens on Wednesday, April 24, at 7:00 pm with a Signature Lecture by Isabel Ortiz, Director of the Global Social Justice Program at the Initiative for Policy Dialogue. The title of her lecture is: "A Global Social Protection Floor for an Inclusive Recovery." The Signature Lecture is organized in partnership with the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI).

To register for the Signature Lecture: