UNICEF Report Card 16 Canadian launch: What kind of childhood will Canada choose?

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3 Sep 2020 - 1:00pm
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Children's Health Care Canada
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(613) 738 4164


For two decades, the UNICEF Report Card series has revealed the state of children and youth across high-income countries. In 2017, Canada ranked 25 th in the overall well-being of children and youth. UNICEF Report Card 16, to be released on September 3, provides the most recent, comparable assessment of the state of children and new insights about how Canada can “move the needle”. Join UNICEF Canada, Dr. Cindy Blackstock, Dr. Michael Ungar and other leading minds, across generations, for a participatory dialogue about what it will take.

Join the conversation on Twitter by tagging @OneYouthCanada and @ChildHealthCan or using the hashtags #ReportCard16 and #SparkLive

The Honourable Ahmed Hussen
Anna Amy Ho
Reeana Tazreean
Senator Rosemary Moodie
Dr. Kathy Georgiadis
Michael Ungar
Leila Sarangi
Dr. Cindy Blackstock
Dr. Kate Bezanson
Dr. Miles Corak

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