Our power: Creating a just future for all

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7 Apr 2022 - 6:30pm
Online, Mountain Standard Time (MST)

Excerpted from event description

We have a chance to make a change.

For 40 years, wages have stagnated and public spending on our essential public services has declined. Under the COVID-19 pandemic, already-existing inequality has soared. Our front-line workers are stretched thin and burnt out. Climate change is reaching critical and irreversible levels. There is no doubt that the situation we are collectively facing is dire. 

But we have seen time and time again what happens when the people band together in solidarity to demand change. It's not enough to return to normal. We need to create a future where absolutely no one is left behind. 

How do we build a just recovery that starts with public services and puts working Albertans at the centre? How do we refuse to return to the inequitable status quo and demand better?  Join us every Thursday evening in April at 6:30pm for a wide range of discussions about what we need to do to protect and strengthen our public services and take bold action for a just recovery.