Marginalized youth and contemporary educational contexts

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MaRS Discovery District
101 College Street

Marginalized Youth and Contemporary Educational Contexts is part of a series of events focusing on collaborative community research as a systemic approach to changing front-line practice hosted by the Community Health Systems Resource Group (CHSRG) at The Hospital for Sick Children. This will be an interactive and dialogue-based public symposium. The three main key note discussions will include experts in marginalized youth culture, education as it relates to the lives of young people, and researchers/practitioners who work with and for young people in narrative and art-informed ways.

Key Note Panel and Discussions will include leading experts from Canada and United Kingdom including:

- Dr. Andy Furlong - Sociologist of Youth Cultures, University of Glasgow
- Dr. Bruce Ferguson - Director, CHSRG, Sick Kids and University of Toronto
- Ms Penny Milton - Canadian Education Association
- Dr. George Dei – OISE/ University of Toronto
- Dr. Michael Chandler -University of British Columbia, Distinguished CIHR & MSFHR Investigator
- Dr. Molly Andrews - Centre for Narrative Research, UK
- Dr. Katherine Boydell - Hospital for Sick Children and University of Toronto
- Dr. Ardra Cole - Centre for Arts-informed Research

The symposium will be hosted by Dr. Kate Tilleczek, Canada Research Chair in Child and Youth Cultures and Transitions at the University of Prince Edward Island and Research Scientist with the Community Health Systems Resource Group at The Hospital for Sick Children.

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