Towards 2020: Canada's Commitment to Children & Youth

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Child and Youth Friendly Ottawa
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Towards 2020 will bring 500 delegates and 40 speakers to participate in a ground breaking event that will consider the critical issues and opportunities that potentially impact on young people as we move towards the year 2020 and beyond! The conference will examine our collective roles and responsibilities and challenge us to shape a vision of the future that protects and improves the lives of our children. Towards 2020 is designed to involve participants in the generation of an action plan or blueprint for improving the way we work with, and for, Canadian children and youth.

Towards 2020 will move beyond the rhetoric and develop strategic action steps to improve the lives of young Canadians. It will also offer participants the opportunity to share promising practices and innovative approaches to child and youth well-being. Conference outcomes include:

- A greater understanding of the forces and influences that will impact on children and societal structures over the coming decade,

- An expanded awareness of the policy and practice implications,

- A living document and publication highlighting the key messages and recommendations from the dialogue and conference to guide future policy and practice development, and

- A set of priorities that serve as a call to action.

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