Work Life 2000: Quality in Work

Malmo, Sweden

The Work Life 2000 Conference is the culmination of a large gathering of knowledge of working life issues. Through the Work Life 2000 project, some 1000 researchers and practitioners from different disciplines and countries have documented what we know today about working life in a long series of international scientific workshops. At the Work Life 2000 Conference, policy-makers from Europe gather to draw practical conclusions from the research findings and to formulate a working life policy. There will be parallel sessions on labour market issues, work organisation, work environment and diversity in working life. The reports from the workshops will be presented in knowledge updates and policy briefing sessions, followed by round table discussions. Conference Programme Opening session Round Table One: Diversity in Working Life – a Policy Challenge for Europe Workplaces used to be homogenous. But today workforce diversity is often considered as an important management strategy. This round table discussion will focus on what diversity in working life really means, policies and practice. Round Table Two: Labour Market What do we know about the process of job creation? What employment strategies are needed in the future? What will the enlargement of the European Union mean? These are some of the issues that will be raised in this round table discussion. Round Table Three: Work Organisation Work organisation is a key issue when addressing the work-related health problems of today, when we live in a 24-hour-society. The meaning of a sustainable work organisation will be discussed in this round table. Round Table Four: Work Environment Many traditional work environment problems remain, or are even getting worse, while new ones appear. This round table will discuss how to approach them. Concluding Session and Closure