Seasonal pedagogy part 2/4 movement: Walking together on mother earth through the four seasons in early childhood education

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11 Oct 2022 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Tuesday, October 11, 7:00-8:30pm est

During our second webinar in the Listening to Land as Teacher Series, Dr. Hopi Martin Gichitaawa Oshkaabewis (Ojibwe Sacred Helper, Messenger, Fire Keeper, Lodge, Caretaker) will be hosting a Sharing Circle with staff from the Learning Enrichment Foundation from the Wiigiwaam (Ojibwe Bush Home/Grandmother’s Lodge) they built together at the newly created Silverthorn Early Learning Earth Centre. This ‘many-eyed seeing’ approach will share stories from multiple perspectives about ‘walking together’ through the ‘Seasonal Pedagogy’ to create the first urban ‘Bush School’ in Tkaronto (Toronto).

During this session, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of the various staff members of LEF in a panel style discussion about the challenges of ‘walking together’ and meeting at the ‘edge of the bush’. Attendees can ask questions directly to people in a role that best fits their needs and context – as a practicing Educator, Supervisor, or Management. In keeping with Indigenous protocols connected to this work, each of these webinars will include an Opening/Closing Ceremony, a Sharing Circle, opportunities for questions and answers, as well as opportunities for further reflection and learning.

To prepare for this webinar, you are invited to review the Seasonal Pedagogy and to reflect on the following question:

  • What movements brought the child/ren or you into deeper engagement with that wonder?

You can share your ideas and/or questions about the Seasonal Pedagogy in this Padlet.

We highly encourage you to attend the second webinar of this four part webinar series. This is an extraordinary opportunity to generate ideas, questions and possibilities together about how we can walk together on Mother Earth through the four seasons in early childhood education. We're sure that your ideas will make the facilitated small group conversations, a rich and meaningful experience.

Dr. Hopi Lovell Martin holds a PhD in Developmental Psychology and Education from the University of Toronto. Link to bio.
Shevaun Burrell
Katrina Estey is the Director of Operational Leadership at The Learning Enrichment Foundation. Throughout her career path, the focus has been on coaching team members to support learning, with a particular focus on the program planning process.
Dainna Fletcher
Nicola Maguireis the Director of Research and Pedagogical Leadership at The Learning Enrichment Foundation. Her areas of interest include children’s outdoor play, Indigenous Perspectives in relation to early childhood education, digital technology uses for co-learning and documentation, and arts-based curriculums.
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