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3 provinces failing students with ADHD: Study

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Postmedia News
Publication Date: 
27 Oct 2010



Special education programs in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia are failing young people with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, says a new report released Wednesday.

The Centre for ADHD Advocacy Canada (CADDAC) gave the provinces failing grades in its first ever report card on how Canada's special education systems "recognize, identify and support" students with the disorder.

The report found students diagnosed with ADHD in those provinces don't qualify for official "exceptional student" status unless they have a second learning disability or another recognized disorder.

That means they won't receive special accommodations in terms of how they're taught or evaluated, the study found.

"Some standards must be brought forward to ensure the needs of students with ADHD in all provinces are met," said CADDAC national director Heidi Bernhardt, a mother of three adult children with ADHD.

"This means qualifying for special education resources and having access to appropriately trained educators and making sure every child can access the interventions their doctor feels is the best option for them."


-reprinted from the Montreal Gazette