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Backlash after Conservative child care tweet

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Criger, Erin
Publication Date: 
20 Jul 2015



Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre sent out a tweet on Sunday about the increased child care benefit, asking Canadians to let him know when they received a direct deposit.

In a separate message, he also referred to the money as “Christmas in July.”

But the responses were not were not entirely positive.

One mother compared the money, now $160 a month for children under six, to the $90-a-daycost of daycare.

"How about I just send you the bill for my kids' $90/day daycare?" - Nora Loreto

National Post columnist Andrew Coyne compared the message to Santa Claus.

"Don't think the "Govt as Santa" msg has ever been so overt. @PierrePoilievre: One more sleep til Christmas in July for Moms and Dads! #UCCB" - Andrew Coyne

The increased payments are retroactive to the start of the year, meaning the payments this month will be higher than any before: up to $520 for children under six, and up to $420 for every child six to 17.

-reprinted from 680News