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NDP statement on the national day of action for early childhood educators and child care workers

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Kellway, Matthew
Publication Date: 
8 Oct 2015



“The NDP stands with the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada (CCAAC) and all those who recognize the importance of high quality child care for Canadian families.

“Stephen Harper isn’t focused on what matters to parents, and that’s affordable childcare. Across the country, parents are paying too much for childcare and children in too many families aren’t able to afford it at all. That has to change. I’ve even spoken with moms and dads across Canada who say they’re being forced to choose between paying for childcare and other necessities.

“An NDP government will make life easier for parents with my plan for one million quality childcare spaces at a cost of no more than $15 per day. In the first full year of an NDP government, we will create over 100,000 affordable childcare spaces to help middle-class families get ahead.

“As a former Cabinet Minister in Quebec, I’ve seen how investments in childcare can boost the economy and give families a much-needed break. Successive Liberal and Conservative governments have promised to create more childcare spaces and neither has created a single space. Mark my words: an NDP government will get the job done.” 

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