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City run daycare facility to close earlier than planned

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Huckerby, Craig
Publication Date: 
20 Sep 2016



The Maycourt daycare centre will close November 4th and children will be moved to the Jesse Irving site if parents can not find suitable alternatives.

The city-run Maycourt centre currently looks after 13 children. The dwindling numbers were the deciding factor in closing the Maycourt Daycare service much earlier than planned. Many of the children have since graduated to elementary school and the daycare service was not taking additional children because of its planned closure announced in March of this year.

Mike Figliola, acting deputy of community development said no one would lose their job at this time, however, 30 staff will be left unemployed by early 2018. That’s the deadline for the city to exit the daycare business. City council voted to get out of the daycare business earlier this year.

The Jesse Irving Centre is also slated to close a year from now. At that time it is projected that 49 full day spaces and another 56 part day spaces will come available at the St. Basil school site in the fall of 2017.

-reprinted from Sault Online