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Your letters: Child-care programs left in the dark

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Daycare sticker shock tied to minimum wage, Jan. 14
Hall, June
Publication Date: 
15 Jan 2018


It is tragic and unfortunate to hear that many child-care programs across Toronto have had to raise their rates quite substantially to cover the cost of their operations for 2018. The province has committed to helping child-care programs with their minimum wage requirements.

The unfortunate part of this story is that child-care programs have yet to be informed by the province and the city of the details surrounding the application process and the dollar level of support available. Many child-care programs have paid their first payroll cheques for 2018 without knowing how the province and city are going to help with this increase. Some programs have put their faith in the province and city to help them through, therefore they did not increase their fees. Other programs, being non-profit and having no extra money, feel they have no choice but to increase fees to cover their day-to-day operations.

Why didn’t the province and the city get this funding completed before the money needed to start flowing to employees?

June Hall, Toronto

-reprinted from Toronto Star