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Manitoba provincial government announces 780 new child care spots

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Peers, Savanna
Publication Date: 
5 Apr 2018


The provincial government announced Friday that they will create 780 new child care spots.

That means $22.8 million will be invested in child care through the Canada-Manitoba Early Learning and Child Care Agreement.

Families Minister Scott Fielding said the new spaces will be created through new construction as well as funding for 621 existing spaces at 63 child care centres.

“Of the 20 projects being announced, 10 are being developed within schools, which will produce about 424 new spaces. 10 projects developed in the community locations [will result] in 356 new spaces,” Fielding said.

Friday’s announcement was made at S.P.L.A.S.H Child Care and Splash Child Enrichment Centre, a recipient of funding to renovate space at the Augustine United Church on River Avenue. Once that project is completed it will create 24 new infant and 64 new preschool spaces.

The Executive Director of the Manitoba Child Care Association Jodie Kehl said she’s happy some spaces will be created in schools.

“Child care in or close to schools offers convenient and accessible options for families, and we believe children and families benefit directly from these successful relationships.” she said.

You can visit the Manitoba government website to see the list of locations where spaces are being created.

-reprinted from Global News