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The federal government needs to invest in childcare this year

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Jenny Kwan, MP
Publication Date: 
28 Jan 2020


Jenny Kwan, MP

On January 28, I rose in the House to deliver a statement about universal, quality, affordable, accessible, licensed child care.

I still remember the desperation I felt when I couldn't get my little guy into a quality affordable licensed childcare space.

The wait-lists were so long that I wasn't offered a space until he was 8.

Yet this is the reality for so many working families.

We know investing in childcare is good for the child, the family and our economy.

Every dollar invested in childcare is returned threefold to the economy.

For decades, the Liberals have made endless promises on childcare programs yet we have seen little real action, let alone a quality, universal, affordable, accessible system. Budget 2020 needs to have significant increase in investments to at least $1 billion annually so that families with children under 5 and elementary school age children who need before and after school care can access them.

Federal investments can build on what the BC government has done based on the $10/day model saving families of upwards of $1000/month. No more pretty words alone. It's time to act!