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Budget Panel: Bezanson, Nicholson, Stanford + the Political Panel: Byrne and Reid

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Burly, Herle; Bezanson, Kate; Nicholson, Peter & Stanford, Jim
Publication Date: 
21 Apr 2021


Post budget panel + the political panel 

Alright, it’s time for another Herle Burly 2-part pod!

First up on the pod, we have post-budget panel: Kate Bezanson, Peter Nicholson, and Jim Stanford.

Kate is an official Herle Burly Alumnus, appearing on the show back in July. She’s an Associate Dean of Social Sciences at Brock University and she’s written extensively – and presciently, as it turns out – on the need for government support of child-care in order to recover from this pandemic.

Peter has served in numerous posts in government, business, science and higher education. His long public service career included positions as Head of Policy in the Office of the Prime Minister of Canada and Clifford Clark Visiting Economist in Finance Canada. He’s written exclusively for our online publication “QUOTES” which you can find at and ... he is a Member of the Order of Canada.

And Jim is a 2019 Herle Burly Podcast Alumnus and the founder of The Centre for Future Work, a progressive think tank studying how work is changing in the modern economy. He was formerly Economist and Policy Director for Unifor. Among many media appearances, he’s a contributing columnist for the Toronto Star.

That, my intrepid Herle Burly-ites, is a helluva lot of fiscal analytical firepower.

Part 2 of the pod is the Political Panel, with our strategists and comms gurus from the furthest back of the backrooms — the secret backrooms where Prime Ministers just might hurl a telephone at the wall or tell you how crappy your last speech was — Jenni Byrne and Scott Reid. We’re going to pick up on all of the budget talk. We’ll dive into Erin O’Toole’s Carbon Tax masquerading as something called a “Low Carbon Savings Account” AND there are political sh!t shows that are manageable ... and then there’s the irretrievable sh!t show that is Doug Ford’s Ontario government right now. Finally, we’ll all throw our “HEY YOUs!” out into the digital void.