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We need universal childcare now: Press conference

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Publication Date: 
6 May 2021


This morning, Councillor Layton (University-Rosedale) and Councillor Carroll (Don Valley North) were joined by Carolyn Ferns (Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care), Abigail Doris (Toronto Community for Better Child Care) and Wendy LaRose (Toronto Parents for Childcare), parents and other Councillors to announce their support for universal child care, and call on all levels of government to act quickly to approve a framework for its rollout.

The Government of Canada has recognized that investment in child care is urgently needed, and of national importance, for families and the economy. As part of the Budget 2021, it has committed to build a Canada-wide Early Learning and Child Care system that is affordable, high-quality and accessible for all families. The plan calls for $30 Billion over 5 years, with an ongoing annual expenditure of $8.3 Billion. The goal is to reduce fees by 50 percent by 2022, and achieve an average cost of $10.00 per day by 2026.

The announcement is welcome news for women, their families, and cities across the Country. Toronto manages the second largest system of child care services in the Country, and it is important for our City to show its support for building a strong system of Early Learning and Child Care in Toronto and across Ontario – and that we are ready to work with the Federal and Provincial governments to achieve it.

The lack of affordable, high-quality early learning and child care is one of the most significant challenges for families in Toronto. The pandemic has exacerbated the situation, and accentuated the importance of child care for Toronto parents.

City Council must reinforce the urgency, and express our willingness to be partners with all levels of government, and to act now to ensure this promise becomes a reality for Toronto children and families.

The Member Motion in its entirety can be found here.